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Leong San Tong Khoo Kongsi

Khoo Kongsi is a ‘must visit’ when you are in Penang. Khoo Kongsi is a grand temple located on Jalan Acheh, off Lebuh Pitt. With a history more than 650 years, it is part of the Five Big Clans (Goh Tai Seh) that appeared to be the backbone of the Hokkien community in early Penang. This well-known clan house was founded by the Khoo’s family after migrating from Sin Kang Village in China to Penang to earn a living. The clan house was built mainly to showcase the achievement of the Khoo family.

A kongsi or clan house means a building constructed by Chinese families with the same surname for gathering around to worship their ancestors. At first, the kongsis were developed mid-19th century for immigrants to group together according to their respective bases. Other than representing a family’s relationship and ancestors, the kongsi play a role for unity among the community. The main function of kongsis is supportive roles such as helping each other on education and financial problem of immigrants.

Khoo Kongsi can be easily accessible from three entrances. The first one is at Cannon street as the main entrance; the second one connects from Beach streets like the back entrance and the last one which is the side entrance that connects from Armenian street. Be careful not to miss the entrance as it is well hidden within the complex of related buildings, terrace, and shophouse. Once you step into the clan house, you will be amazed by this beautiful masterpiece.

Inside the clan house, the wonderful craftsmanship in the form of sculptures, paintings, and attractive ornamental items from Southern Fujian are just awesome. The murals from floor to ceiling on both walls left and right of the altar signifies the fine craftsmen from China. The clan house consists of two levels where it is accessible by the grand staircase where you will find the Laughing and Crying Monk, representing the existence of joys and sorrows in life. The top level consists of the central hall, the ancestral hall, and the hall to the god of prosperity are while the lower level consists of the Khoo Kongsi Clan Museum.

More information about the Khoo clan is available on the website http://www.khookongsi.com.my/. For your information, operating hour starts from 9 am to 5 pm daily. It was a worthwhile place to visit because of the beautiful and historic architecture to know more about Chinese culture.


18 Cannon Square, 10200 Penang, Malaysia.
Tel: +604-261 4609 Fax: +604-262 2591
E-mail: info@khookongsi.com.my
Website: http://www.khookongsi.com.my/

Opening Hours:
Daily, including Sundays and Public Holidays: 9 am to 5 pm.

Entry fee
Adults: RM 10/pax, Children (under 12yrs old): FREE

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