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Health Centre in Penang

Penang as with its good quality health services provided by the various private hospitals in the State is currently a foremost Malaysian destination for those who seek advanced medical treatment at a relatively affordable cost. It has an easy access through the International Airport at Bayan Lepas and convenient transportation can be arranged to reach the hospital of choice within some 30 minutes at the most. For patients needing specialized transportation, this can be provided readily on request to the individual hospital although it is prudent to contact them before the arrival on the Island

Penang Medical Centre

The private hospitals combined provide a complete range of services to include inpatient and outpatient care, medical checkups, cancer treatment, and cosmetic surgery. Each hospital has their own special areas of expertise and can easily be contacted by phone for inquiries.

There is a full range of supportive facilities readily available in and around the hospitals for the comfort and convenience of the accompanying persons who need them making the visit as hassle-free as possible.

Penang is fortunate that its health services are offered in the midst of the multi-faceted and multi-cultural tourist environment of the State. This allows for other pleasant activities for those who arrive in Penang to use its health faci|ities. All in all, it provides the healing environment which has made it a favorite destination of medical care.

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