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Penang Escape Theme Park  Many of us have already known that there’s a national park in Teluk Bahang. Many of us have noticed that there are some villas at the entrance of the Pantai Keracut path. We knew there was gonna be some sort of projects coming in but never had any noticeable source stating what it was.

  Recently we learnt that it was gonna be a theme park called The Escape. This new theme park is separated into 3 areas which are Waterplay, Adventureplay and Hotel.

Escape Themed Park will be open to public in October 2012.




Escape Theme Park Layout ( click on the map below to enlarge)

Activities in Escape Theme Park

A free fall adventure from 13m or 30m which safely and repeatedly controls the descent of a person from the tower structure. Users make a rapid descent but land gently. 


There are 3 levels of challenging outdoor personal development and team building rope courses. By moving from one obstacle to another the participant uses balancing, climbing and reaching skills to navigate the course.

A set of climbing towers where participants can choose their path to reach the top of the obstacle. An auto-belay system is used to ensure the safety of the climbers should they lose their grip or abort the climb.

A fun human-powered cart that can be used individually or in organised races. Working on a flat and level surface, oscillating the handlebars produces forward motion and exciting tight turns can be made with this highly maneuverable ride.
A multi-activity play structure for the younger child. A combination of climbing, crawling, balancing and other skills are required to successfully complete the activities.

A gravity ride in which the participant sits in a Tubby tube and enjoys a ride through a twisting and turning journey through the landscape. Single Tubby tubes can be used or can be linked together for a family to experience the thrill together.

Experience the excitement of exploring within a themed cave environment. Adventurers follow a path that involves climbing over rocks and ducking under obstacles with the knowledge that their safety equipment protects them from any danger.


An activity that takes the participant back to the fun days of being a child. Tree climbing can be done individually to enjoy the great view or friends can challenge each other to a race to the top. An auto-belay system is used to ensure the safety of the user should they lose their grip or wish to abort the climb.

A mining activity to inspire the explorer in the visitor. Fun treasures are ‘hidden’ in sand, soil and streams and the individual or teams are challenged to ‘prospect’ for gems and ‘gold’ by panning and digging.


Source : http://www.escape.my/

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